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General Info

Shoemaker Village offers a variety of freeware software applications to the general public.  Most of the applications involve the use of the Activeworlds virtual reality and community design tool.  More information about Activeworlds and information on how to download its free browser can be found at

Please note that by downloading the software on its respective pages, you agree not to hold Shoemaker Village or any of its members, including the programmer of these applications, liable for any damages that may result out of the use of these software programs. We will also not be responsible for any legal difficulties that may occur from using this program, such as violation of Activeworlds' content guidelines. You also acknowledge that you have read the "help" pages for each individual program and understand the warnings at the top of the respective pages. Shoemaker Village reserves the right to deny access to these programs to any user at any time for any reason or for no reason whatsoever.  In other words, while the applications are generally stable, it is possible that you may encounter bugs that have adverse effects.

Future versions of these applications can be obtained with the use of the Shoemaker Village Upgrade Utility, included in each installation package.  You will be notified and asked to perform a fully automated upgrade when one is available.  Note, however, that the upgrade program, in order to avoid charging for our software, does not support "asynchronous" (doing more than one thing at once) FTP transfers.  This may cause what appears to be a "freeze" for a few minutes, since the program can do only one thing at once: in this case, download the update.  This behavior is completely normal, and we believe that it is not serious enough to warrant our purchasing of a component for asynchronous transfers that would require us to license our software for a fee.  Simply allow the upgrade program to continue running, and it should complete its tasks within a few minutes and finish upgrading the application.

Privacy Policy
When each application starts up, it contacts this server to download update information.  No data from your computer is explicitly transmitted to the server in this process.  The only data we can obtain from this process is the webserver log that includes your IP address and the program used to contact the server.  Keep in mind that this information is obtained by all websites you visit whether they state so or not, and that you have already given this information to us simply by visiting this page.  These logs will not be shared with any third parties.

Finally, these applications will not function correctly or at all under Windows 95.  On any other version of Windows, if you receive a "mswinsck.ocx file is missing or not correctly registered" error, or a "msinet.ocx file is missing or not correctly registered" error, download msinet.ocx and mswinsck.ocx and copy them to your windows system directory.  This is a problem with Demeter that should be resolved in the next release version.  If you are running Windows 2000 or XP, you MUST be logged in as an Administrator in order for all of the files to register successfully.  It should be possible to switch back to a normal user account after installation.

Use the sidebar on the left of the page to select the program in which you're interested.